Technology resources

The Rosetta Foundation has developed a web-based Translation Commons (Trommons) for communities and volunteers. Trommons is powered by SOLAS – Service Oriented Localisation Architecture Solution – based on ORM Design Principles.

SOLAS Design is based on the ORM Design Principles: O-pen (easy to join and to participate), R-ight (serve the right task to the right volunteer), and M-inimalistic (crisp, clear, uncluttered). SOLAS consists of SOLAS Match (matching projects and volunteers) and SOLAS Productivity (a suite of translation productivity tools and technologies). SOLAS was originally developed as part of the Next Generation Localisation research track of the CNGL at the University of Limerick. SOLAS Match has been released under an open source GPL license and can be downloaded from the SOLAS web page. SOLAS Productivity currently consists of six components, all sharing an XLIFF-based common data layer:

  • Workflow Recommender (workflow optimisation)
  • Localisation Knowledge Repository (source language checking)
  • XLIFFPhoenix (re-use of metadata)
  • MT-Mapper (identification of suitable MT engine)
  • LocConnect (orchestration of components)