Language resources

Learning languages

  • BBC Languages – A short introduction to almost 40 different languages.
  • Duolingo -Free language courses for a variety of languages.
  • Lyrics training – Uses videos and lyrics to learn languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian and Portuguese).
  • Verbling – Platform for language learners to enhance their language fluency using video chat technology.


  • BASAbali – Promoting the Balinese language.
  • FreelangFreelang provides free dictionaries, free human translation, and many other useful resources if you are learning a language or need a translation.
  • Linguee The World’s Biggest Translation Search Engine combined with Bilingual Editorial Online Dictionaries.
  • Oxford Dictionaries – English, Spanish, French, German and Italian dictionaries with synonyms dictionaries and grammar resources.
  • The Kamusi Project – A participatory international internet dictionary. Their mission is to produce dictionaries and other language resources for every language, and to make those resources available for free to everyone to improving knowledge of the world’s languages.

Translation Services

  • – A cloud-based translation and localisation management platform.
  • Cucumis – Free online translation service.
  • Gengo – Provider of crowdsourced translation to small- and medium-sized as well as large-scale enterprises.
  • Lingotek – Focused on web-based translations, it offers PMs the ability to coordinate translation with both professional and community involvement.
  • Memsource – Offers cloud services to translators. It does not offer crowdsourced translation, but rather provides the infrastructure to allow users to do so themselves.
  • – Translation Project initiated by a multilingual volunteer team of Joomla!Transifex is an open service allowing people to collaboratively translate software, documentation and other types of projects.
  • Speaklike – A self-service platform enabling fast, transaction-based handling of translation requests by combining front-end integration and scalable crowdsourcing.
  • Transifex – Focused on highly technical translations, such as that of source code. Allows project managers to create a workspace for a project and assign maintainers and translators.
  • Transpanish – English-Spanish translation services with discounts for non-profit organisations.

Translation Initiatives

  • Ashoka – Ashoka and Ashoka Fellows are always in need of bilingual volunteers to translate documents such as articles, newsletters, surveys, brochures, reports, and proposals.
  • Babels Network – International network of volunteer interpreters and translators whose main objective is to cover the interpreting needs of social forums.
  • Global Voices –Lingua – Global Voices translation project amplifies Global Voices stories in languages other than English with the help of volunteer translators.
  • International Children’s Digital Library – Translating books and making them available for free online in as many languages as possible with the aim of supporting the world’s children in becoming effective members of the global community.
  • – A non-profit social technology organisation promoting cross-cultural understanding and collaboration by providing people, partners and communities with advanced technologies to exchange ideas, information and knowledge across languages, focusing primarily on English and Arabic.
  • Minna no Hon’yaku – ‘Translation for everyone by everyone”. A free online translation crowdsourcing platform for the translation and subtitling of content into Japanese.
  • Nationalities Service Center (NSC) – Providing language translation and interpretation services for immigrants and refugees from all over the world who come to Philadelphia seeking a better life.
  • PerMondo – The PerMondo initiative offers non-profit organisations a free translation service for websites and other texts.
  • Samasource – An innovative social business that offers translation services that connects women and youth living in poverty to dignified work via the Internet.
  • TED Open Translation Project – Brings TEDTalks beyond the English-speaking world. Launched with 300 translations in 40 languages, and 200 volunteer translators.
  • Translations for Progress – Facilitating communication within the global grassroots community and to create opportunities for language students and professionals to get involved in social issues.
  • Translators without Borders –  Translating for humanity in over 30 languages through a worldwide network of volunteer professional translators that link the world’s translators to vetted NGOs that focus on health, nutrition and education.
  • World Bible Translation Centre – Translating the Bible for people with very limited access to the Scriptures because of persecution, poverty, or limited ability to read.


  • Amara Universal Subtitles – Facilitating subtitling, captioning and transcription of videos for the deaf and hard of hearing, and non-profit organisations.
  • DotSUB – Any video, any language; a free subtitling service.

Volunteer translation opportunities

  • Global Lives Project – The global lives project is a video library of life experience – looking for volunteer translators
  • Frontline Defenders – International Foundation for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders – looking for volunteer translators
  • Kiva Microcredit to alleviate poverty around the world looking for volunteer translators
  • Volunteer Match – Database of volunteering opportunities in the U.S.A.

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