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 The Rosetta Foundation provides day-to-day support to 16,000+ volunteers and 350+ non-profit organisations. With a small monthly donation you can help us sustain our modest core operations. (We recommend €25 per month, but we leave the amount up to you. Remember, you can cancel any time.)

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Thank you! Gracias! Merci! Danke! Moltes Gracies!


Meet our Friends

Meet some of the inspiring people whose generous support makes our work possible . We can’t thank them enough!


“I did my first project for The Rosetta Foundation during the Munich localization unconference Translathaton in 2015. For me translating is a bit like running: it’s hard to get off the couch first, but once you start to warm up, there is so much to enjoy along the road. The ultimate goal isn’t to reach the finish line in record time but to experience runner’s high. It’s even better when you translate for a good cause and know that the team in Dublin is cheering you on. See you in 42,195 words!”Sebastian


The International Council of Ophthalmology is proud to support the work of The Rosetta Foundation. As an international organization, it is important for us to have our various resources and materials translated so they can reach more ophthalmologists around the world. With our limited financial resources we are not always able to do this, but thanks to The Rosetta Foundation, we can provide more and more materials in various languages. We are very grateful for this!” – Lindsey


DSC_7664I have always believed that access to what could be regarded as essential services should not simply depend on the ability to pay, or indeed whether it is deemed commercially viable to provide the service at all. Therefore, the decision to support the truly invaluable work of The Rosetta Foundation was easy to make. We at Xlated are acutely aware that many of the benefits we take for granted, such as access to education and information, are not an option for so many others around the world. We feel privileged to be able to contribute in some small way to the breaking down of barriers and increasing accessibility to those things which we enjoy so fully, and yet can only be dreamed of by so many. For this reason, I would strongly urge anyone who may be considering supporting The Rosetta Foundation to do so. There is still much to be done!” – Giuseppe – Watch the interview

Hans 2013

Having spent the last 35 years in the language-services business, I know how important translation is. Companies today understand that they need translation to gain access to customers around the world. But there are billions of people on the planet who are still largely unserved because their language needs are not considered commercial enough, or vital enough, or profitable enough by the traditional translation industry. That’s why I support The Rosetta Foundation and serve on its Advisory Board. The Rosetta Foundation aims to provide translation for the world’s “non-market customers” – all those people who need critical access to social, legal, health, security, and many other kinds of information, but who don’t constitute a commercially viable “market” for companies. By connecting non-profit organizations with able and willing volunteer linguists around the world, The Rosetta Foundation is helping a voiceless majority be heard and join the global, multilingual conversation. In my career as a language-services entrepreneur, I have helped countless organizations translate their message for the world. And now I strongly support The Rosetta Foundation in doing the same for its non-profit partners. The Rosetta Foundation’s mission embodies the passion and power of languages in the world, and I’m proud to be a part of its growing efforts.” – Hans

Michael The quality of our lives is frequently determined by the manner in which we interact with others. As a professional translator and the owner of the InfoMarex translation agency, I feel compelled to assist an organisation such as The Rosetta Foundation in providing translations for those whose circumstances compel them to seek Rosetta’s help. I have suggested to the 3,900+ translators world-wide on our database to help also The Rosetta Foundation, and I know that some have also done so by offering their translation services. A translation enlightens, empowers and, in cases of desperation, brings the hope of a desired effect.” – Michael – Watch the interview

LorraineProviding local language information in critical areas such as health and education is central to enabling smaller communities grow and prosper. The Rosetta Foundation has successfully brought together the skills and energy of its volunteer community base, staff and NGO partners to make this happen and all in a short five-year period. The ‘Become a Friend’ initiative is an ideal way to support the Foundation’s continued growth and I personally find it very motivating to read the frequent newsletters and see the difference providing local content has made.” – Lorraine



“When I first heard about The Rosetta Foundation and their volunteering programme, I immediately knew I wanted to help as a Spanish translator. I did not hesitate either to support their work financially as well, since I share their commitment to sharing knowledge and, of course, their advocacy for multilingualism. At present I am working on my research on localisation and web accessibility, which is also founded on the same social vision: improving access to information for everyone, regardless of cultural or social barriers or disability. I truly encourage people to become a friend of The Rosetta Foundation and make volunteer actions count!”Silvia


AramI have a degree in translation, but I only worked as a freelancer for a few months before deciding it wasn’t for me. However, I have stayed close to the field, and it was through this that I came to be around the people involved in The Rosetta Foundation. I’m now finishing my research in crowdsourced translation and I share an office with the people who develop Trommons. I know the founders and some of the guys working on it who I believe to be extremely clever and hard working. I like that they help expand the reach and impact of organisations that contribute to society. Dedicating a little bit of my money to support them was an absolute no-brainer for me.” – Aram


FlaviaI have been a translator with the European Institutions for over 20 years. Because of my background and professional experience I am particularly aware of the importance of linguistic diversity and of approaching it as an opportunity and not as a barrier. To this end, translation is essential but it can also be very costly, too costly for many projects and organisations. And The Rosetta Foundation is doing a great job to help them. This is the reason why I am happy to support it somehow, and in the future may be also by contributing my translation experience.”Flavia


JanaI donated to The Rosetta Foundation because I strongly believe that it is possible to alleviate the difficulties of poverty through access to information. As a trained translator and someone who has been in the localisation industry for about 6 years, I wholeheartedly support The Rosetta Foundation’s volunteer based approach and I believe that such courageous initiatives have real potential to change lives.” – Jana


TabeaThe decision to support The Rosetta Foundation was an easy one for me. I like supporting a cause that I can identify with so strongly and where I can see very clearly that my contribution is being put to good use. I think it is incredible what the staff and volunteers have achieved so far and am looking forward to seeing The Rosetta Foundation prosper even further, with many more supporters.” – Tabea



Access to education and information is becoming a new challenge in our society. By providing translation support to NGOs, The Rosetta Foundation helps them to go further and be more efficient on the ground where it counts. By providing translation services to smaller linguistic communities, their culture and tradition can continue to evolve and contribute to the overall diversity of this world. This is why I support The Rosetta Foundation.” – Vincent


MartaI am a translator and was born and raised in Madrid. My first contact with my profession was at the age of then, when I—very naively—tried to translate the Beatles songs that my parents used to play at home. Since then I have always been captivated by the magic of rendering the right message into my native language. Career prospects brought me to Dublin four years ago, and it’s only recently that I started volunteering for The Rosetta Foundation. I felt that I wanted to give something back to society, so I said to myself: “Why not contribute by doing what you love and do best?” And that’s where my story with The Rosetta Foundation begins. I decided to financially support The Rosetta Foundation with a regular donation because I wanted to contribute not only with my volunteer work but also by giving some money towards development so the Foundation can carry out their work and make things happen. My favourite project as a volunteer so far has been the Plant-for-the-Planet user guide for moderators, and I hope to collaborate with many more projects in the future. Since many non-profits’ projects have a global scope, I believe it is important to help them close the communication gap. For this, I am happy to know that I can make a difference with my skills. And thanks to The Rosetta Foundation for enabling me to do it!” – Marta


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