Volunteer as a translator/proofreader

It’s not that information doesn’t exist at all. Often the major problem is that information doesn’t exist in the language of the recipient. You can help to change that:

The Rosetta Foundation is looking for volunteer translators and proofreaders to help translate materials for  non-profit organisations. We are looking for translators of any languages, the more the better.

If you are a professional translator or just interested in translation or providing information in other languages you are welcome to sign up as a volunteer with The Rosetta Foundation.

Since the merger with Translators without Borders in June 2017, all volunteer applications are now processed via the TWB website.

Join us as a volunteer now!


General information about volunteering

All volunteers that work for The Rosetta Foundation serve without receiving any monetary compensation or other financial benefits for their services.

All volunteers should try to deal with their incurred duties and responsibilities by the best of their ability and meet their time and duty commitments or to provide adequate notice so that other arrangements can be made.