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The Rosetta Foundation collaborates with non-profits across the world to facilitate access to information to those who need it most – in their languages. We promote equal access to information and knowledge across the languages of the world.

It sounds great, but… what does it mean?

The Rosetta Foundation currently works with more than 15,000 registered volunteers, offering their time and skills in 115 languages. Access to information in your own language is a fundamental and universal human right. Our volunteers can help you translate your documents, newsletter, website etc. into many different languages. And they won’t charge you for it.

We have developed a web-based Translation Commons (Trommons) for communities and volunteers. The Translation Commons connects a large pool of language volunteers ready to provide their services free of charge to communities who require them most, matching non-profit projects with the skills, experience and interests of volunteer translators.

You can start using Trommons right away. We offer you this platform for free so you can make your contents available in different languages and reach more people. You will be able to exchange information and knowledge easily. To help us maintain this vital service, please consider making a donation.

We collaborate with over 300 organisations such as Amnesty International, Special Olympics, Trócaire,… and many more.

Looking for examples? Our volunteers have translated…

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