Write for us!

We are planning a new section for our website, and guess who will write it…


Don’t panic, it’s a plural you 🙂 We’ll count on all of you to create this exciting new section.

It will be what you want it to be. We would like you to talk about translation, translators, languages, anything related to you, your approach to languages, idioms, funny words, weird translations…

As you know, we usually talk about the organisations we are working with, our volunteers and impact stories, but we are missing out on your contributions. We’d love to get your ideas, your stories about translating, jokes in your language translated into English, weird situations you have been involved in related to languages… Anything you can think of.

To get an idea of what we mean, here’s an example… Sorry, you cannot use this one now 😉


We will start next month, and the only thing you need to do is send your text to info@therosettafoundation.org. We promise to respond to all your ideas and feedback.

Please help us make our newsletter funnier and more, let’s say, YOURS.


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