Trommons reaches 15k users is an open translation platform, maintained by The Rosetta Foundation, that connects volunteer translators and non-profit projects across the world. Over 300 organisations, from grassroots projects to international movements such as the Special Olympics, benefit from the generosity of volunteers who speak over 200 languages between them. This week, the number of volunteers on reached the incredible 15,000 mark.

We continue to upgrade and improve the functionality of Trommons, with a particular emphasis on stability and security. Recently, we upgraded (and also so as to incorporate SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This ensures that all traffic between your browser and our servers is encrypted. This is particularly relevant for usernames and passwords. It also means that most browsers will show a Green Padlock (or equivalent) and HTTPS when you use our websites. is a vital resource, making information available to those who cannot afford to pay for translation. To ensure its sustainability, we have made some user interface changes to encourage beneficiaries of Trommons, who can afford to do so, to contribute a yearly donation, covering server infrastructure and support.

Attention localisers! We are always looking for volunteers to help with the localisation of Trommons into different languages. So far, it is available in English, German, Italian and Spanish, with French currently in progress.

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