‘Those intangible cultural nuggets’

stacMeet recent graduate Stacey Thomas, who has volunteered her translation skills on over 50 different projects.

Q. How did you find out about The Rosetta Foundation? 

I found out about The Rosetta Foundation through an Internet search for online volunteer translation opportunities.

Q. What inspired you to get involved as a volunteer? 

Being a recent university graduate, I wished to actively contribute my time and skills in a tangible and meaningful way, while gaining real-world experience in the field of translation.

Q. Where do you live? What language/s do you work with? 

I live in Canada, and I work with English, French and Spanish. My preferred language pairs are French to English and Spanish to English. However, via Trommons, I have occasionally seized the opportunity to work outside of my “comfort zone,” translating to either French or Spanish as well.

Q. How do you like to approach a translation task? 

I read through the entire source text at least once, to get the general gist of it, then research and compile a list of any unfamiliar terms. I usually translate one paragraph or section at a time, striving for natural fluency in my translation. When I have completed my translation, I proofread and edit it as necessary, to ensure accuracy and authenticity of expression. Depending on the deadline, I prefer to leave a completed task sit before returning to it after a few days with fresh eyes and a fresh perspective, so that I can better identify any errors I may have missed during my initial review.

Q. What gets you most excited about a translation? 

Those intangible cultural nuggets. I just love languages and enjoy exploring the cultural nuances in written (and oral) expression.

Q. What do you believe is the best way to motivate others to get involved in volunteering? 

A: I don’t think there is necessarily a “best way” to encourage others to become volunteers. Ultimately, it’s an individual choice, based on a shared passion for language and the genuine desire to contribute one’s time, talents and skills in a worthwhile and uplifting way.


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