The Rosetta Foundation joins CNGL – Launch of the SOLAS Open Source Development Project

 SOLAS Open Source Development Launch

SOLAS Open Source Development Launch

The Rosetta Foundation has joined forces with the world’s leading researchers in the Centre for Next Generation Localisation (CNGL) who will provide us with technologies that will allow our volunteers to connect directly with the communities they are working for. While we are currently dealing with thousands of volunteers, this new and amazing technology will close the gap between hundreds of thousands of volunteers with translation and localisation skills, and thousands of communities requiring access to translation services but unable to afford them.

Pilot projects deploying this highly innovative technology are already under way and a larger-scale rollout is planned for the coming year. Once in place, the technology will enable volunteers not only to identify and download projects they are interested in, but also to see the immediate impact of their work on the communities they work for. For our partner organisations, the communities we work with, the new technology will make posting new translation requests extremely easy and intuitive; progress reports for translation jobs from take-up to delivery will be readily accessible.

The CNGL is one of Science Foundation Ireland’s (SFI) flagship projects, one of the very few strategic Centres for Science, Engineering and Technology (CSET). It has long-term funding for the participating universities, provided jointly by the SFI, the CNGL’s ten industry partners, and a large number of associated projects. Since 2007, over 100 CNGL researchers have made significant advances in areas such as integrated language technologies (including machine translation and speech technologies), digital content management, and localisation technologies.

One of the most interesting outcomes for The Rosetta Foundation is SOLAS (the Irish word for ‘light’), a technology platform developed to support user-driven, community-based translation. (Have a look at the SOLAS demo on YouTube.)

The Rosetta Foundation has provided significant input into the design and development of SOLAS via its San Francisco Design Fest and the Copenhagen Deployment Fest. SOLAS technology is now being licensed to The Rosetta Foundation and is available under an open source license (download the Translation eXchange, or SOLAS Match, component from here). The open source SOLAS Development Project will be supported by the Localisation Research Centre (LRC) at the University of Limerick (UL) and developer communities from around the world. Existing relationships with CDAC Pune (India) and the African Network for Localisation (ANLoc), as well as the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and others will lead the way.

Once in place, the new technology will give our volunteers the opportunity to identify suitable projects and find out more about the impact of their work on the communities they volunteer for. It will provide our partner organisations and communities with a quick and easy way to post new jobs and receive project status reports. If you are interested in joining the SOLAS Open Source Development Project, email SOLAS.

Reinhard Schäler

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