“Providing translations is a simple contribution that can make a huge difference”

KathrynEager to put her language skills to good use, translator Kathryn Morgan signed up as a volunteer with The Rosetta Foundation. She has since completed numerous translations from Spanish into English and proofread many others, supporting a wide range of non-profit organisations, including ACNUR Comité Español and Medicos del Mundo España.

Q. How did you find out about The Rosetta Foundation? 

While I was studying languages at university, I was eager to gain some translation experience. I heard from a translator friend that The Rosetta Foundation would be an excellent way to put my language skills to good use.

Q. What made you decide to start volunteering with us?

I am passionate about translation and reducing language barriers. The opportunity to help organisations throughout the world to overcome the obstacles thrown up by language differences really appealed to me.

Q. Which translation project did you find the most interesting/challenging?

The projects I have found most interesting have been for the Center for Gender and Refugee Studies. These involved translating a number of country conditions articles to help people seeking asylum in the United States. While interesting to translate, these documents were also extremely humbling. They highlighted just some of the hardships faced by so many all over the world and, as a result, really underlined the importance of the service provided through The Rosetta Foundation.

Q. Why do you think it is important to provide translations for non-profit organisations?

Worthwhile and helpful actions in the world should be amplified, not impeded, by language.

Non-profit organisations provide often-invaluable services to society and I believe it is important to contribute to their efforts wherever possible. Providing translations is a simple contribution, but one that can make a huge difference.

Translations for non-profit organisations are extremely important because they help them to promote their work, ideas, and inspiration to a wider public.

Q. Tell us a little bit about you!

Where do you live?

I am currently based in Sheffield, in the north of England. I have recently moved here after studying for five years in Leeds.

What language/s do you work with?

English, Spanish, and Catalan are my main languages. But, when it’s nothing too taxing, I also like to dabble in French, Italian and Portuguese.

What’s your favourite word?

“Cacophonous” is probably my favourite word in English at the moment. I have no intellectual reasoning for this beyond the fact that it is a fun word to say.

Are there any other languages you’d like to learn?

I have recently started to learn German, and it would be nice to be able to get to grips with it properly. So far the vast majority of my language-learning experience has been with romance languages (except for a brief affair with Mandarin), so navigating my way through German grammar and pronunciation has not been the easiest of feats. However, I remain determined.


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