Meet our people: Maddalena Bertoli

maddHello everybody – Maddalena here! I’m a student at the Università Cattolica in Milan and, since I’m studying foreign languages and literatures, I wanted to improve my English by spending some time in an English-speaking country, while getting in touch with Irish culture at the same time. Book learning isn’t sufficient to really master a language – the best things to do is to go and live where it’s spoken. A language is a whole world containing its own mentality, customs, beliefs and experiences, and I really want to take part in all of this while I’m here.

At the moment I work with Paulina and Stefania in the office, and I had the pleasure to meet Alba before she left. Everyone has given me a warm and friendly welcome, and I’ve been learning about the service The Rosetta Foundation offers and the number of people involved – we are so many!

I decided to intern at The Rosetta Foundation after learning about it from a friend. She was very happy with her experience in Dublin and so I took the chance to follow in her footsteps. It’s precisely by performing my tasks here in the office that I’ve discovered just how essential our work is to the running of the website and the huge system of organisations and volunteers behind it. Every day I have the opportunity to discover something new not only about the work here, but also about myself.

I arrived in Dublin only a few weeks ago, but this town has already become familiar to me, and I’m enjoying exploring the city – even if the bus timetables are as unpredictable as the weather! I’m looking forward to learning more, through The Rosetta Foundation, about the world of translations and languages beyond the limits of school, university and teaching. My adventure here has only just started, so let’s see what happens!

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