Meet our people: Garret Juhn

I was born in the town of Naperville in the United States, and lived there until I was 6, when we moved to Oconomowoc.  After graduating high school, I studied at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, but then transferred and got my degrees in Political Science and Philosophy from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

I decided to come to Dublin after I graduated so that I could travel and see the world while I’m still young, meet new people, experience new things, and get some great work experience at the same time.  Ironically, part of the reason I came to Ireland is because it is an English-speaking country. Although I speak a little German, I would be totally lost if I was living in a place where people did not speak English.  This has helped me realize the importance of translation, because there are people out there who are having to deal with what I could not.

I’m here at The Rosetta Foundation because I believe that we all have an obligation to make the world a better place, and The Rosetta Foundation does that by providing information, and subsequently opportunities and equality, to people around the world, as well as advancing the projects of other non-governmental organizations.

Having spent most of my life in small towns in the middle of the U.S., I only really ever heard people speaking English (except for my German classes), but since coming to Dublin I have heard more foreign languages being spoken on the streets than ever before.  Since I’ve started working at The Rosetta Foundation, I have been amazed by the number of people willing to dedicate their time and energy to help get important information to people who speak other languages!  I’ve only been here for one week and already I feel like I’m helping others by working on projects related to public health, homelessness, and sustainable energy.


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