Meet our people: Alessia Senzacqua

Hello! My name is Alessia – I have always loved travelling, and have long been very passionate about other languages and cultures. At 17, I participated in an exchange programme in Old Town, Maine (USA). It was my first experience living abroad and many more would follow.

I recently graduated in Applied Interlinguistic Communication at the University of Trieste, where I studied English, Russian and Portuguese: three very different languages with diverse backgrounds but a similar cultural richness. The previous year, I had spent some time in Tallinn to improve my Russian skills. Estonia is a really beautiful country with a troubled history but amazing landscapes. It was an extraordinary experience and I had the chance to meet many students from all over the world with whom I shared many great moments. Later on, I decided to head even farther and spent two months in Moscow where I survived the Russian weather and, more importantly, the Russian language!

After graduation, I decided it was time for me to put into practice what I had so far only been studying in books. I had been to Dublin before and it was love at first sight. What’s more, I have always been fascinated by non-profit organisations, and the idea of making important information available that can completely transform people’s lives really appealed to me. I have only just started my placement and I won’t hide the fact that there is a lot to do and that I felt a little overwhelmed at the beginning. But I’m feeling more and more curious about all the projects I’m involved in and I’m really satisfied with the small part I am playing in helping people in need.


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