Meet our people: Marta Zaramella

Hello, everyone!Intern

My name is Marta, I am a 21-year-old Italian student, and I am studying translation and interpreting at the University of Trieste, where I study English, German and French.

I am inquisitive by nature, and I love exploring places and cultures I have never before been in contact with.

This year, having spent six months in Austria as an Erasmus student, I decided that I wanted to spend the summer before graduation working somewhere abroad in order to put what I was studying into practice.

I really wanted to go to Dublin, which has turned out to be the perfect destination. It has the culture and nightlife of a metropolis, but it is actually quite small compared to other capitals. This means that almost everything is within walking distance. The best thing about living in Dublin, apart from the super chatty, welcoming and warm Irish people, is that Ireland’s breathtaking landscapes and cliff walks are literally 30 minutes from the city.

I have been an intern at The Rosetta Foundation since July of this year, and I found out about the organisation through my university – it was love at first sight. Not only could I work in a field related to my course of study, but I could also be part of a young, multicultural team with a great mission to overcome language barriers and ensure that everyone can have equal access to information.

The thing I enjoy the most about working here is the positive energy that shines in the eyes of every person involved in The Rosetta Foundation. The enthusiasm with which volunteers deal with every task is probably the most rewarding thing. Every day at work I felt like my very little contribution could have unexpected effects miles and miles from here.

I particularly felt this while dealing with a project which was getting delayed because we did not have enough volunteers with the required language combination. When I began writing to new volunteers asking them to help us with this project, every single one of them answered enthusiastically they would do what they could to be of any help. Writing to the non-profit partner to tell them that the project was finally progressing was a great feeling.

To best sum up my experience, I can only say that I have one more month left here in Ireland and I am already planning when to come back!


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