Kanjingo – the post-editing app for volunteers

KanjingoOver the past few weeks, the Centre for Global Intelligent Content (CNGL) at Dublin City University and The Rosetta Foundation have been working together on a user testing research collaboration. As post-editing of machine translation is becoming an increasingly important activity for translators, a number of researchers at CNGL have worked to develop a mobile post-editing app, initially for iPhones.

‘What we have come up with is Kanjingo, a mobile app intended to enable and assist with volunteer translation projects, particularly in crisis situations and in economies where people generally do not have access to computers but may have access to a smartphone,’ explains Joss Moorkens, researcher at CNGL. But how does this app Kanjingo work exactly?

Kanjingo had initially been developed as a mobile web application, using onscreen tiles to move words around and with options to add, edit, or delete words. The user tests for that first version received a reasonably positive response, with a few problems of oversensitivity and capitalisation. The current testing is of a prototype native-iOS app, with volunteers post-editing sentences from English to French or English to Spanish machine translation output. Once they finish editing the sentences, CNGL receives their feedback via an online survey, and that helps them in developing an improved iteration of the app, and in deciding how to move forward with the project.

‘Alison and Paulina in The Rosetta Foundation operations team and the volunteer post-editors have been very positive and supportive in this collaboration,’ remarks Moorkens. The researchers have been receiving good feedback for their project, and they have been able to contribute to The Rosetta Foundation from their research budget, resulting in a positive and beneficial experience all round. ‘Thanks to the cooperation of The Rosetta Foundation operational team and volunteers, we can test the feasibility of translating and post-editing using the app to see whether it is intuitive and easy to use.’

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  1. Giovanna Barbetti2014/07/21 at 14:55 #

    I wish I was there with you. Here, from Northern Italy, I am trying to aid as much as possible, thanks to you and the new volunteers in this area and we are in need of good people and means just as well, unfortunately.

  2. Giovanna Barbetti2014/07/21 at 14:57 #

    All my compliments and consideration. Yours faithfully, giovanna

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