‘It just felt like the right choice’

image1Barcelona native Silvia Ragel explains why she decided to volunteer her translation skills on Trommons.org

 Q. How did you find out about The Rosetta Foundation?

 I studied for a master’s in translation three years ago and it was then that I came across The Rosetta Foundation. I did some research on the volunteer translation field and was really moved by the great job this foundation is doing.

Q. What inspired you to get involved as a volunteer? 

When I started the master’s I realised that getting experience was my main goal, and when I found out about the volunteering option it just felt like the right choice for me. I had been volunteering in other ways for many years, so I was really happy that I could use my translation skills to help while gaining experience at the same time.

Q. Where do you live? What language/s do you work with?

 I lived in the UK for almost 20 years but have been back in my native city of Barcelona for two years now. I translate from English and French into Spanish and Catalan.

Q. What gets you most excited about a translation?

 Apart from the fact that it feels great to be able to help others with my work in an altruistic way, it fascinates me to learn something new from every translation. The work I have been doing so far has helped me to specialize and widen my knowledge of human rights, NGOs and the UN.

Q. What do you enjoy doing when you’re not translating?

I am a mixed media artist and photographer, so when I’m not typing away at a translation, you can find me walking around Barcelona taking photographs of the amazing architecture or working on an art piece at my studio.

Q. What do you believe is the best way to motivate others to get involved in volunteering?

 I think that understanding the impact of the volunteer job in all kinds of actions is enough to motivate anyone to start helping others with their own skills, whatever they are. Learning about and researching how far a volunteer action can reach is important and key information to communicate if we want to motivate people to volunteer.



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