‘Any time we can use our skills to help people around the world, it’s a good feeling’

Spanish to English translator Betsy Galbreath has been a volunteer for The Rosetta Foundation since early 2016, and in that time she has translated over 50,000 words to bring people in Spanish-speaking countries, vital information in their language. Through her generous contribution of time and skills, Betsy has played an invaluable role in increasing the reach of the work of our non-profit partners. She has worked on texts that promote the rights of women and people with disabilities among other important issues.

We met with Betsy to get to know her a little better.Betsy Galbreath

Betsy, nice to meet you. Can you please tell our readers a little about yourself?

Hello all! I live on the central coast of California in the U.S. I translate from Spanish to English, having learned to speak Spanish fluently while living and teaching English in the Basque country of Spain. In 2012 I got a master’s certificate in translation from the University of Denver, and I have been doing freelance and volunteer translating since then. When I’m not translating, I also volunteer for a couple of animal welfare organisations, and I enjoy getting out for walks and hikes in the beautiful area I’m lucky enough to live in. I also love to travel, and I make it a goal to see someplace new every year.

Tell us about how you became a volunteer translator.

A friend told me about The Rosetta Foundation. It’s a wonderful idea to connect people in non-profit organisations – who might not have the resources to get the word out about their projects – with volunteers who can help them do that through translation. Any time we can use our skills to help people around the world connect and communicate, it’s a good feeling.

50,000 words translated is quite an achievement, congratulations! I see that you have worked on some very impactful projects. Which have been the ones that stand out the most for you?

I’ve worked on several projects for The Rosetta Foundation, from a grant request for school projects in Central America to a report on a bear project in Spain for the EuroNatur Foundation. All of them have been interesting, and the best part of working on these projects is knowing that I’m helping worthwhile organisations get their voices heard with audiences they might not have been able to reach otherwise.

That is really inspirational, Betsy. And how nice that you get to translate texts in an area such as animal welfare that you are clearly passionate about. Thank you for taking the time to meet with us today. We really appreciate your support in helping us achieve our mission.

Thank you, it’s been an honour!



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