16,000, 341, and more numbers

We used to think we were bad at numbers. We do love them, but words are our strength.

Two years ago, when we last shared our numbers in this newsletter, we had 7,100 volunteers and 167 non-profits registered on the Translation Commons. In 2014 alone we gained 4,400 new volunteers and 102 new organisations. Not bad, right?

Now it is time to look at the numbers again and see how we are doing. And although 2016 is thought of as a bad year overall, we can’t complain, to say the least. In 2016 we doubled the number of organisations working with us – 341 NGOs across the world are now collaborating with The Rosetta Foundation.

But back to our strength – do you know how many words we translated this year? 3,413,941!! That’s 800k more than two years ago. Fun fact: there are 884,421 total words in William Shakespeare’s 43 works. So our amazing volunteers could have translated that body of work into various languages almost four times over.

Our social networks keep on growing too. It is getting more and more difficult to grow without investing money, but we already have over 3,000 friends on Facebook and around 3,700 followers on Twitter. If any of you are close to Zuckerberg or have any friends working at Twitter, it would be great if you could convince them to spread the word 😉 In case you are not following us yet, you can find us on FacebookTwitterGoogle+, LinkedIn and YouTube.

And you know what the secret of these amazing numbers is? You! Our community are responsible for our success. In 2016 alone, we gained 4,301 new volunteers and we’ve almost reached the 16,000 mark, counting from when we started this wonderful journey back in 2009. Thanks, guys!!

We also want to thank you for your donations. We need you, corporates and friends to keep on providing day-to-day support to all our wonderful volunteers and non-profit organisations. Just a small donation can help us to sustain our modest operations.

Thanks for all your help and contributions! Without you, we couldn’t have done it!


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